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Choosing a safe online casino


The rise of online gaming, involving gambling or otherwise, has been a phenomenal growth industry for over a decade now. It’s big businesses and as such has attracted a huge number of new companies to it lured by the riches they obviously feel are on offer. Although online gambling is a very tightly regulated and supervised industry the number of companies that have set up online casinos invariably means that some are less scrupulous than others. The chances of you being blatantly robbed by fraudulent or criminal behaviour is relatively small but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t safe UK casinos that are better than others. Like in any industry there are companies that want to provide a great service and product in return for fair reward and others that take a less sustainable approach and are out to make as much money as possible in as short a time as they can.

In the UK the law has recently been changed to mean that all online gambling businesses working with UK-based clients, whether casinos such as Betsson Casino, sports betting, bingo or any other form of gambling, need to be licenses and regulated in the UK. Until now many companies would operate under licenses issued by other EU territories such as Cyprus and Malta. The regulators in other territories would not allow any old company to operate and also have plenty of controls in place but do not often have the same kind of demands for working capital and liquidity as the UK regulator. The slightly more relaxed requirements in this regard, as well as more favourable tax regimes, were why many companies chose to domicile and be licensed out of the UK. The recent changes mean that UK-resident online gamers are now extra safe from the risk that a company where they have cash deposited might go to the wall, taking their account’s balance with it.

When choosing a casino do a little research first to see what others who have played there say about it. You’ll find plenty of reviews and comments boards online and while many of them are populated with obviously fake reviews you will quickly be able to spot the genuine ones which will provide you with some useful feedback.

Always check the terms and conditions before making a deposit, especially those surrounding any special introductory offers you may have been enticed with. Often the most generous sounding offers are so tied up in terms and conditions that you will have to play and bet a lot before being able to withdraw any funds. This of course means that if you do strike it lucky early on the chances of you losing your winnings again before being able to withdraw them are considerable. It’s better to go for a promo which is not the biggest but has as few limitations attached to it as possible.