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Tips on Staying Safe

Bingo has always had a massive following in the UK but with the number of boarded up and converted bingo halls littered around the country you could be forgiven for thinking that the game is no longer being played anywhere near as much. The fact is that bingo is as popular, if not more so, than it ever was but the changing business environment the internet has brought which has affected so many industries has not passed over the way the game has traditionally been played. Where once a game of bingo necessitated a trip down to the local bingo hall, or a game organised elsewhere for charity, now many fans of the game opt for the convenience of playing online. Of course, there will always be a place for a social game of bingo in a real live environment and some traditional bingo halls will continue to thrive but the fact of the matter is that it won’t be to the same extent as was the case in years gone by. Bingo is the fastest growing of all online games and online bingo halls are here to stay.

However, as is the case with all online activity it is important to stay safe. While the online gambling industry is heavily regulated and any well-known online bingo brand should be safe to play with one can never be too careful and rogue pop-up sites impersonating legitimate businesses which harvest personal and financial data are not completely unheard of. As well as general common sense there are some simple guidelines you can follow to be extra sure you are safe playing bingo or in choosing safe UK casinos if you are indulging in other forms of online gambling.


If an advertisement has caught your eye or you have been browsing for online bingo rooms and are thinking about depositing some money to play somewhere just do a quick spot of cursory online research first. There are plenty of online forums and sites which host comment and review sections for online casinos and other online gambling companies. First of all you will be able to reassure yourself that the bingo company in question is legitimate and has been around for some time. To operate an online gaming business in the UK a company has to be registered and regulated by the UK’s Gambling Commission. Until recently companies could operate under licenses issued by other EU-based regulators but the law has recently been tightened up so that online gambling sites have to be licensed and regulated in the UK in order to work with UK residents. Although generally speaking a company licensed and regulated by any EU gambling regulator would be legitimate and properly controlled, the UK’s requirements are generally amongst the strictest. A company regulated by a more obscure gambling regulator might not have to provide the same level of proof of liquidity to demonstrate it is not going to go under any time soon, though they would almost certainly not be outright crooks.